Topaz Studio2 inclusions


I am using the newest version of TS2, thing is, from what I have seen watching TS2 tutorials, my on screen version doesn’t look like theirs, as well, I saw according to the tutorial I was watching they have now included within the filters, Mask Ai, when I go use that filter it brings up a trial version I have installed, but if it is now included I don’t want to use a trial version.
I’m including the tutorial I was watching.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I love TS!!


Mask AI isn’t included with Studio 2 - it appears in the Plugin menu if you own it (it has to be bought separately) and it will be available to you until your trial expires. As for the differences you’ll need to be more specific - the video is using the latest version, 2.3.1 - which version are you using?