Topaz Studio

Things are looking up with the latest update to Studio.

It is useable as a stand-alone from Lightroom using tiff if I only use sRGB (ProphotoRGB still bombs out). I can also use Community Presets without it crashing, and I like that I can open other images when using the plug-in from Photoshop.

Still no transparency for png images loaded into textures, so unable to use my own borders.

But big improvement overall, guys and gals.
2 Hours Later…Uh-Oh! Spoke too soon. Tiff sRGB has failed. All that work lost. Oh well guys and gals, back to the drawing board…

I think it’s odd that it should work at first then gradually get worse and worse. Lightroom seems to go slower and slower the longer you use Studio - I think you might have a memory leak…?

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