Topaz Studio would not install under Parallels

I installed some of my Topaz plugins on a Windows 8 VM running under Parallels and decided to try to install Studio as well. The Studio install failed, first giving me an error saying that it could not install a link because the target did not exist and, when I told it to continue, it told me that the system did not meet the minimum specs required.

Now of course the system meets the technical specs. it is a 2 year old Mac Mini with an i7 chip, 16GB or RAM and 256GB of main ssd memory, but perhaps it is an issue with running under Parallels. I do not know.

I then tried to install Studio under a Windows 10 VM, but got exactly the same errors. Both VMs were up to date. Is there any way around this problem?

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From what I’ve seen, I’d say the most important spec you should be checking is your graphic card specs. An integrated card may be problematic since it uses the same RAM as the system and most of the newer plug-ins and Studio are graphic intensive.

I’m not sure what you are using but Fusion 10 may be your best option if you want to run a Win VM on a Mac… but remember it is not supported.

You should raise the issue with the VM company.

Seems like a reasonable assumption but the problem is that I have successfully installed Studio on my Mac with the same memory and the same integrated card, and that installation works perfectly.

Running under Parallels uses the exact same hardware and pretty much the same memory, although that might be limited by the available memory for the VM, but it is hard for me to see why an installation on the Mac works properly while an installation under Parallels using the same hardware fails.

I would have thought that the Parallels people would have checked this, but I know that they can not check every possible combination. Still, I would think that the Topaz QA might want to check to see if they have the same issue. It would be nice if this problem could be identified and fixed.

I am using Parallels, not Fusion. Is Fusion better? So far this is the only issue I have seen when running Windows on the Mac.

I will submit this issue to Parallels but am not too hopeful. It has been my experience that when two or more different companies are involved in a compatibility issue like this there is often a lot of finger pointing.

Hi Mike,

Don’t have any experience with Parallels only VMware, there may not be any finger pointing but it would be worthwhile mentioning the version of QT that is being used (v5.6.3.0) as that is the major interface to the OS/GPU but I am not sure what is used on the Mac these days because of Apple’s Metal technology …

Try downloading it and see if the trial will run Studio.

Otherwise no one will give you support unless there is a user out there using it and has it working.

the version of QT that is being used

QT? Is that QuickTime?

As far as I know (and I am no longer really familiar with Windows, having stopped using it regularly at Windows 7) QuckTime is no longer supported for Windows. At least that is what I understood from the Apple web page. It says that the last Windows OS that was compatible with QuickTime was Windows 7.

Of course you may mean something completely different by “QT”.

QT is a application development framework …