Topaz Studio Will Not Install/Update

Hi, Previously had a problem with my Wacom pen working with the trial of Sharpen A I so un-installed Sharpen A I but the tablet then would not work at all on anything so after days of trying this and that I found a solution , Updated my system drivers from the original install CD now everything works except Topaz Studio software, I un-installed via the windows option in device manager, re downloaded the software but it will now not install and I get the message as in the attached screen grab. Thankyou for any help. Russ.

Are you using the latest drivers from Wacom? The latest version is v6.3.32-4

Make sure that the installers are downloaded from the Topaz Labs web site but that seems like a UAC error so there may be an issue with your system. This is a error that can mean issues that include registry errors, fragmented files, excessive startup entries, hardware/RAM decline etc. What you can do is try this:

  • Right-click on your Windows icon on the taskbar and select Windows PowerShell (Admin)
  • Type sfc /scannow on the command line and press enter. That will check for any system errors and fix then.

Secondly it doesn’t seem that a pen works with Sharpen AI as I have only been able to use the touch and scroll functions. @topazjosh should see what the issue is here as it doesn’t accept pen input from the OS.

Thankyou the sfc /scannow seems to have fixed he problem. Russ.

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