Topaz Studio will not accept new image input while already running

When browsing images with my viewer/culler I can call multiple configured external programs. When I call my HDR software (SNS-HDR) and it is already active there is no problem. If there is any existing image loaded it prompts as appropriate. Everything works just as expected. When I do the same with TStudio, and it is also active, I get the following screen-shot ie it refuses to be called if it is already loaded. I believe this has been reported before wrt Photoshop. ie you can’t call Studio more than once without closing it down each time. Apparently, based on the former software above, this is a challenge that can be coded for. Are there plans on the drawing board to fix this?

You can only run one instance of the Studio app at a time.

Uh, well, yes Don; I guess I need to clarify.

I don’t want to run more than one instance of Studio. However, I want the already active Studio to accept the incoming request and not bail out because it is already loaded/locked…which requires me to terminate Studio just so it can immediately be restarted. This is inefficient, particularly bc of the longish Studio init time required upon startup.

In other words, I want it to behave like my other apps do. eg SNS-HDR.

SNS-HDR, if running stand-alone, does not bail when called because it is already running…instead, it says “ok, give me what you got” and proceeds as expected. That doesn’t start another instance; it uses the one already running.

Firefox and many other apps are able to recognize that they are already running and act accordingly; they don’t bail when the n-th remote url is clicked on from a calling app because they are already loaded/running.

Are you saying that future Studio can’t be coded to do the same? (I know it doesn’t have that behavior now)

That isn’t what I said, just that you cannot open more than one instance and unless you shut it down each time it wont accept a new image.

Yes, I know that…hence the post. Would you characterize this a feature or a bug?

I would characterize this as behaving the way it was designed, if you have the requirement to leave the application open at all times on the desktop you should raise a “Product Feature Request” (in the Technical Support category) bearing in mind that this application serves as both a stand-alone application and a Photoshop Plugin so it may be difficult to achieve.

Not saying it’s easy…am saying that SNS-HDR can do it.

You can run more than one instance of Topaz DeNoise at a time…sort of. See attached…DN running first as stand-alone. Then, concurrently, DN running as a plug-in when called from Studio; working as expected. However, you cannot run more than one stand-alone instance at a time.

I’ve raised this as a feature request to the team. At the moment, sending subsequent images to Studio from LR does not work. You can send more than one, at the same time, to get around us not supporting this feature, yet.

Can probably run this

as another case of the same request. :slight_smile:

fyi, Photo-Lemur accomplishes this with no issue. ie my photo culler can call Photo-Lemur as many times as I want passing in one image after another…no problem if it’s already active/open. Photo-Lemur runs stand-alone and as a plug-in…proving that it is not a technical impossibility to accomplish this feature.

I didn’t say it was a technical impossibility, I said to raise a “Product Feature Request” if it is so important to you. ReMask runs as a standalone/plugin at the same time and you can run many instances.

What you need to do is consider the architecture of the application … and only Topaz know and without a Product Feature Request … or through Technical Support they wont know that you want it.

(a) I didn’t state that you said it was impossible either…but you did imply that it might be difficult for unexplained reasons.

(b) If you scroll up four comments you will see this is already on the feature request list.

(c) Photo-Lemur is positioned a a simplified enhancer…and yet they got this right. A plug-in implies being called by a parent app…and the parent app shouldn’t have to know if the plug-in is already active or not…and have it barf out if it is already active. Yet, you make it sound like this is some kind of arcane request. Just saying.