Topaz Studio v1.10.4 Not Updating

Topaz Studio v1.10.4 Not Updating when I click on Help -> Check for Software Updates. I’m getting the message “Updates Not Available. You are running the latest version of the software.” Running from v1.9.3.

1.9.3 is the latest public release, so you can’t update it any further.

According to the Topaz Studio Changelog page

“The [star] symbol denotes the current public release version.”

And it shows “[star symbol] 1.10.4” as the current public release version.

So is the Changelog page wrong? (I’m really anxious to try out the “We have added sticky settings for the Save As dialog”!

Looks like they fixed that page after you looked at it!

Oh well, I’ve waited a long time, I can wait a little longer.

No need - it’s now been released! Check your link again.

YES! And love the Save-As Sticky Settings, works a treat. Although I’d like to save as .TIF and not .TIFF, but I can live with what we have.

Thanks for the heads up, Paul.