Topaz studio updates!

Hi guys
Finding updating Topaz studio becoming a bit of a pain!. It wont update without deleting the old installation directory and it wont let me do that (even as admin) without rebooting pc. I then have to find the Topazstudio_ online_ installer file which then deletes the old directory and then installs the new version…phew
Does everyone go through this each time?

I have found that as long as I give permission to Topaz when the ‘delete previous version’ appears that Topaz then does the whole thing without any imput from me and it goes smoothly everytime.

Yes I allow it to do that each time. One thing I thought might make it twitchy is that my C drive is rapidly filling up and I now install stuff including Topaz studio on my D partition so maybe its looking for a Topaz directory to delete on drive C when there isn`t one?? maybe not!

It will know where your Topaz files are stored. But it might be useful to delete the unnecessary files on your C:/ drive - these will be slowing down the process for the working of your computer as a whole. In case you are not aware to delete unnecessary files (I am assuming you are using Windows) then go to File Explorer (or Wondows Explorer on older than 10) right click on the drive (In this case C:/ an in the menu which opens at the bottom is Properties. Click on this and then click on the ‘General’ tab and then click on Disk Clean Up and tick all the boxes in the subsequlist displayed. This should give tou some space. You can also Compress the C:/ drive which will give you even more room and will not harm your files or cause any problems.

That is not really a bad thing as I feel it assures a good clean working directory without the possibility of files being corrupted or inadvertently overwritten.

I have all of my Topaz products installed to the D:\ drive I have provided some screen captures to show what you should be seeing for an installation/upgrade of Topaz Studio the latest version is 1.4.3 . Between step 4 and 5 will be the normal install routine. Note in step 6 that by default it asks to install to your C:\ drive. You will need to change that to D:\ drive
Also it would help if you could provide some additional information about your system. What is the size of your C:\drive and D:\ drive and how much free space do you have on each.







There is NO need to download the latest installer to update, simply use the Help-> Check for Updates and it will update Studio without uninstalling.

Hi Don
If I don’t reboot to remove the installation directory I get this error message every time - see this previous post
All Win 10 updated etc. I suppose it’s not that big a hassle if I know I have to update Topaz this way each time. The problem seems to be where I’m unable to delete the directory this then throws up the above error preventing the update?

You mentioned your C: drive is filling up. How full (percentage)? I assume C: is your boot drive and you likely have your swap space, virtual memory, temp, downloads folder and similar system spaces are on the C: drive. Priority one is keeping the boot drive clean and having ample space. Otherwise, all kinds of unexplainable things can happen. If you’re over 80%, you should work on this. Over 90%, you should have been working on this. Over 95%, you’re close to losing control. :scream:

To help keep C: having space you can change Win 10 settings to control size and location of things like swap and virtual memory and location of temp and auto download directory.

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