Topaz Studio - Switch Aspect Ratio Needed in Crop

Topaz Studio 1.0.8:

I have been unable to find a method for switching the aspect ratio in a crop. 4:3 to 3:4, for example. There are situations when one would want to perform a portrait-crop on a landscape-oriented image. The only way I have been able to do this is select the “unconstrained” setting.

A button to flip the aspect ratio would be helpful.


I noticed that for the first time yesterday. I agree that is something that would be extremely advantageous.


Same problem! Seems obvious that it would be required. I tried for a while thinking, “Surely they can’t have missed this fundamental!”. Any solution?

One solution is to select “Enter Custom” in the aspect ratio dropdown, and then entered your desired ratio. The crop will change and the new aspect ratio will be added so you can select it in the future. Version 1.6.10

Me too. Topaz, please work on the basic functions as well as the AI stuff.