Topaz Studio - Raw Processing & Camera Updates

I’m wondering if Topaz Studio is considered a “RAW Processor” since it opens RAW files directly. If so, there are certain basic adjustments that I don’t see, such as White Balance.

Or is it intended as the step after RAW processing to adjust images?

Also, I’m wondering about updates to support newer cameras. From what I see, it uses the open source LibRaw, but the current version being used looks to be about 2 years old (v0.17).

Will there be an update soon to incorporate the latest version of LibRaw (v0.19) so my camera will be directly supported?


Use the Basic Adjustment which will allow you to adjust the WB … what is the camera that you have that isn’t supported?

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So, I’m looking and looking, but I don’t see the basic White Balance controls that I am used to seeing. Perhaps I am misunderstanding… :confused:

My camera is the Canon EOS 6D Mark II. None of my current software supports it yet (and some never will :disappointed: ) I was hoping Studio would fill the bill.

the 6D Mark II is brand new so you may have to wait a bit, in the meantime you can use DPP to generate a TIFF which you can then use in other applications …

All products are different and, in the case of Topaz Studio, it uses -1 to 1 as its controls in line with all other controls on a Topaz product. The Temperature and Tint sliders are there in the basic panel.

Just include this pic for you …

We’re working on white balance and color balance tools :slight_smile:

This link may be helpful to you in explaining that the Basic Adjustment in TS is quite comprehensive and while I different approach could give you the same or better results than the traditional WB you and I are used to in Camera Raw, LR or other RAW processors.

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