Topaz Studio RAW Conversion Question

Does anyone here use Fuji RAF format and does Topaz handle it OK?

Frankly I don’t think it handles any raw format ‘OK’ at this point in time. The initial conversation leaves a lot to be desired.

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I used a Fuji S5000 about 10 years ago. I can load and process RAFs from that camera in Topaz.

Those are on 3Mb so not an especially good test as to how well Topaz does with RAW workflows. I still use LR to start off my workflow.


RAF files seem to open, but are far from ‘OK’. You have to put some effort to get image right.
This is how it should look like:

And this is how Topaz renders it:

This image is from RAWSAMPLES.CH.
Hope this helped.

– Arthur

OK, thanks everyone for the info. I’m thinkng of buying a Fuji, Just curious to see if Topaz will open them if I need to. I normally go through Lightroom as well.

@MondThis site has example RAF images from a Fuji X-T2 for download. Might not be the same camera you’re looking at, but you could test out processing them in Topaz.

You have to scroll down past the JPEG samples to see the RAW(RAF).

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Thanks, I’ll take a look. I’m thinking of the X-T3.

I’m unable to open RAF files correctly, from the new Fujifilm XT4 using SharpenAI or DenoiseAI.
Preview only shows partial image.

The XT2/XT3 RAF files seem to work fine, this only happen on RAF files shot from the XT4.