Topaz Studio Plugin - Cannot Process Background Layer

I also get the error that background layers cannot be used when I try to use TS as a regular plugin (using Corel PaintShop Pro). (I am using TS 1.1.9). However, it is not much effort to duplicate the background layer, and then TS works as a plugin correctly. However, this would prevent the use of TS as a plugin with something like IrfanView, which does not have layers, so it would be something that would be nice to fix.

I use PaintShop Pro as well. I’ve always duplicated my layers before doing anything so never had that message. I experimented by trying to use Studio with just a background layer and the error message came up.


This is NOT an ERROR it is a requirement that a transparency (Alpha layer for masking) is able to be returned to the host … you cannot add transparencies to a background layer so PSP & Photoshop users have to create a duplicate layer.

Transparency support was added in v1.5 … note it is always worthwhile reading the changelog for new updates …

This might be a bit confusing for people who don’t have Remask. Anyway, on to my experiment.

I use Remask as a Photoshop Elements 12 plugin because I’ve set the preferences to generate a mask layer. Paint Shop Pro can open Photoshop PDF files so I can then save the document as a PSP file and have a mask layer to work Paint Shop Pro.

I used Studio as a Photoshop Elements 12 plugin and then opened Remask from Studio. It didn’t give me a mask layer even when I OK’d the result to take it back to Elements 12.

I really hope that any future updates to Remask aren’t solely through Studio because I need the mask layer for tidying up. (I’ve got arthritis so can’t sit for hours tidying the mask up in Remask)

I agree that this isn’t a big deal (and it’s not a bug), because most programs can create a duplicate layer. However, for regular Topaz plugins, the only plugin that REQUIRES a non-background layer is ReMask (as far as I know). So with programs like IrfanView, you can use just about the entire set of Topaz plugins (except ReMask), which is very handy.

So it was nice when Topaz Studio first came out and it would run under IrfanView. The wrinkle was that TS itself could not run the ReMask plugin (one of their own products!), which did seem odd. Now it can run ReMask inside TS, but now you cannot use TS with non-layering programs. It would be kind of nice if TS could be made to continue to run under non-layering programs (but just not allow ReMask to be run inside itself), but I can see why Topaz might not want to bother with this.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what eventuates …

Hi, just for interest…Why do you prefer to use Ifran View and not Studio right away. With Studio you can use all Topaz products incl. ReMask and Clarity. Studio can open a wide range of file formats incl. RAW files. And Studio is free like Ifran View unless you want to use pro functions.

Yes, you are correct - TS pretty much removes the desirability of using Topaz plugins inside Irfan. Before TS, if someone wanted a cheap editor I would often suggest using Irfan and add (buy) say Topaz Adjust (or perhaps Detail and Clarity if they were willing to spend more). So I still kind of think of Topaz plugins in terms of Irfan, partly because I still routinely use Irfan as my image VIEWER. But, as I said, you are correct - for inexpensive editing, you cannot beat TS (free!) and then you can add a few inexpensive enhanced addons and it’s very nice.

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