Topaz Studio non-destructive editing?

I’m new to Topaz and have been using Studio for a little over a week now, also have the Clarity pack. From what I can tell, the editing one does cannot be undone or modified once an image is saved. Yes, you can reopen an image but I can’t go back and tweak an edit or modify one that I already made. I am correct here or is there a way around this that I haven’t yet discovered.

Quite frankly, the online help leaves a lot to be desired. I have viewed quite a few of the Youtube tutorials which have been helpful but there are still a lot of holes.

As with all other products where a final output image has been created it cannot be re-edited but Topaz Studio has a workflow process to support a non-destructive workflow. All Topaz Studio images and adjustments made to your project can be saved and recalled to be re-edited.

You will need to save your process as a Studio Project File to achieve a non-destructive process and you can read about it here:



That’s great, just what I wanted to read about. Thanks for the reply…


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