Topaz Studio - more progress

I would love to do more in Topaz Studio as it is obviously offering such a wide choice of possibilities. This took most of a day because everything is very laboured.


Beautiful pastel colors and I love the texture…


Your time was well spent. This is beautiful! Love the texture and the soft colors.

great result of your time spent

Thank you Bob, Mich and Flick - I am most appreciative of your comments.

Nice work …

Gorgeous results… time well spent. Love the look & texture.

Wonderful result! You did a very nice job showing off some of what can be done with the program.

Don, John, Ken - thank you all for your comments. Good to know that the time ws worthwhile - much appreciated.

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The time was definitely worthwhile!

Thank you Larry.

Very nice. Scooby Doo nice! (:slight_smile:

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Well done Angie. Nice processing

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I love your aesthetic. Absolutely gorgeous!

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Amazing, I love it…

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