Topaz Studio More Options for White Balance Picker

The picker for White Balance currently offers only one option (whether for white, black or neutral is unclear)
A tool tip (what am I doing right now) and the possibility to select either the darkest point, the brightest point or a neutral point would be desirable.


In the Basic Adjustment there is a picker for White Balance, as well as Pickers for choosing the Black Level and one for the White Level. Just use the pickers to select the area in the image for WB, Black or White.

Note there is also an Auto Adjust option for the White Balance which does a good job.

The two pickers for black and white I really haven’t noticed yet.
Thanks for the hint and excuse my request.
The automatic for White Balance works very well with Topaz Studio, only for photos with a strong color cast I have to switch to Photoshop or Affinity.