Topaz Studio loads previous adjustments when opening a new photo

When I open a photo in Topaz Studio, whatever adjustments I did seem to ‘stay’ with the program. I close it down and when I open it again (coming from Photoshop), it opens with the previous adjustments. That’s not the big problem, if I hit ‘Apply’ to my new adjustments, it comes back to the previous adjustments. It’s almost like there is a cache that is keeping the older ones. Is there a way I can stop it from doing that.

I believe that is the way external filters work in Photoshop as it is also tied to the Ctrl+F command where you can apply an effect without opening and applying the adjustments again. I see the same behaviour in NIK Filters also.

My big complaint, if I Apply the new edits, all previous edits will override and I have to start all over again. It seems to default to the very first edit I do in the day, and anything I try and edit afterwards will get the same effect. Hitting Apply puts me right back to the beginning, not saving any new edits I’ve done.

That function only applies to studio as it creates a new version of the opened image with the edits on the original opened image applied.