Topaz Studio is exhibiting some graphics anomalies

Oct 17, 2017 Several times using Topaz as Studio alone or from within Photoshop I’ve experience a kind of screen freeze. They are regular occurrences and can lead to program crashes wherein I will lose my image. I’m attaching (I hope) examples of two such occurrences. One where the preset stops updating and another where after closing an image its ghost remains on the screen. System information: High Sierra version 10.13; Processor 4 GHz Intel Core i7; Memory: 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3; Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4 GB

Thank you for attending to this problem.

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Do Developers actually read posts in this forum?

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This is primarily a User-to-User forum, but that is not to say that the developers do not on occasion drop in.

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I would suggest that you submit a Help Desk ticket to make sure the team at Topaz Labs sees this. They will work with you on a solution.

Here is a link:

Again, as i mentioned in another thread of yours, please provide a screenshot of the whole application workspace including the Preset or Adjustments applied in order to see what the issue may be.

Also, as mentioned above, raise a support request with the full details … i.e. the Preset or Adjustments causing this issue.

FYI - This is a user to user forum and occasionally the Topaz support staff will look when they have time.

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I understand that this is a user to user forum, but maybe Topaz team members should at least look on the forum more frequently… especially in the other topic categories to see what issues do pop up. This would help reduce the volume in dealing with tickets being submitted by individuals and help address a broader audience of people with similar issues?

Looks like you are using a Mac… to take a screen shot of your full workspace window_
Hold down the_Shift_Command and the number 3 and it will take a screen shot of the entire working window. Wait about 3 seconds and it will appear on your desktop as a png file which you can then attach to your post.

If you want to select just part of the working window area Hold down_ Shift_Command and the number 4 and you will see a cross hair appear on your screen. Drag over the area to highlight the area you want to capture and it will take a screen shot of just that area and place it on your desktop.

Hope this helps?


Thank you. I’ll do this when I get chance later today or tonight. Appreciate the help.

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