Topaz studio for video

I enjoy using Topaz studio for pics. Are there any plans for a Topaz for video rendering? This would be an epic addition to the product. Ive seen photoshop tricks for using Topaz with video, but these hacks are not user friendly and for me, just don’t work. TOPAZ FOR VIDEO!!

We have no idea as it is a user to user forum, raise a support enquiry at the main Topaz Labs website.

Strange answer AiDon. I would have thought a forum of users, interested in the product, may have heard something. Unless you made an inquiry of all the users, saying ‘We’ have no idea, seems a bit premature. If I find anything out, I will let everyone know. Thanks for stopping by.

See this link:


Thanks AiDon.

GIGAPIXEL for video is a good start!

Now if TOPAZ will come out with versions of ADJUST or the B&W effects packages for video, that would be great!