Topaz Studio - Feature requests

I am looking forward to the amendment regarding the lack of artifacts when applying effects in large pictures - then I plan to buy the entire PRO pack.
(unfortunately, currently, when there is no such patch, Topaz Studio is useless for me to create target works).
If it is not a secret, I would like to know the date on which this patch could be expected :slight_smile:

In the meantime, 5 ideas came to my mind that, in my opinion, would improve the work in the program:

  • It could be that each effect could have its own number, which would be added to the file name after clicking on apply or save / ok
    (I use different effects and then I often do not remember exactly what I used and in what order. Thanks to numbering and saving I would know how I got the effect …)

  • The second idea- it could be an additional option of displaying thumbnail previews of effects on the entire screen. This would allow you to more quickly track more effects at once.

  • Third idea- implementation of group effects, which would be a combination of individual effects (instead of eg. search for an effect, click apply, then again look for a different effect, click apply, again look for the next effect, …) ).

  • I would improve the RAW sharpening system - other programs sharpen better.

  • It would be really appealing to me if for example RAW from Canon’s SLR cameras was initially shown in the preview in Topaz Studio just like in Digital Photo Professional (it comes to the colors, contrasts and other such parameters of the photo …).

Kindest regards

It has often been requested - either a last-used-preset name or number. But it can cause more confusion than enlightenment.

If I start with a preset, then rearrange the sliders so that it looks the way I want it - it might not, in the end - look anything like the preset I started with. That presents a dilemma: how do you avoid the confusion in that case, when one preset is so modified, it looks nothing like the starting preset? In fact, it may look closer to a different preset… oh the confusion!

My own solution is to use ‘journal’ file-names.

e.g. Fractal 0034 MiniMandelbrot ChromaMap_FotoSketcher 65iteration Emergence2_DAP_7000x5250_Realism clond2 AHB150-50-10 clond

This means (to me at least) that I have a MiniMandelbrot fractal, 65 iterations of the Emergence preset in Fotosketcher; Dynamic Auto Painter Realism preset, dimensions 7000x5250 pixels, some cloning and an Art History Brush treatment. When I frame it, or use Topaz AIR, I add DF (Digital Frame) and AIR to the name also…

However, this is the only sure way to remember all your ingredients, as long as you can tolerate long file-names. Inside CC2018, there are ‘post-it’ notes - little yellow sticky-notes, where this info can also be stored, if you don’t like long file names.

That’s true but I would at least know what initial effect I started setting the other parameters from.

It is, in fact, the case that one can enter everything that one did into the names
but for me, specifying from which effects I started further settings would be enough most of the time - the most straightforward solution would be if the simplified information were saved automatically in the filename.
It would be even easier if the said information were saved in the form of numbers of the relevant effects instead of their names and the effect which was modified was marked by an additional letter, i.e. “e”.

A sample filename after all edits:

tree-384e-29-1026e-12-e (wouldn’t that be beautiful?)