Topaz studio changing crops in PSP 2021

I’m not sure if this has been seen or addressed. When using Topaz Studio as a plugin with Corel Paintshop Pro 2021 My crops are reduced unacceptably. I crop and compose in PSP. Open up Topaz Studio, run AI Clear and some basic adjustments like auto white balance. When I accept and bring back the image to PSP the crop has changed cutting off areas I wanted to retain. Is this a unique issue or have others seen it?

I just tried to replicate your issue but I could not. I used PSP2021 and ran Topaz Studio as a plugin after cropping in PSP. My cropped image remained the same.

It doesn’t happen consistently. Usually when I use Sharpen AI or Denoise AI. If I zoom fit the image in the AI programs it remains the same. Sometimes when I don’t zoom it comes back re-cropped mimicking the preview window.

I’ve narrowed it down to which application is causing me issues.
In Topaz Studio it seems when I apply the Basic Adjustment (white balance, etc.) that’s where the problem occurs.

Just tried that. Sorry, I still can’t replicate the issue you are seeing.

That’s a shame. Too bad. A look at my account would show that I have purchased every single plug-in you’ve offered since the beginning of Topaz Labs. I really love your products but with this latest glitch I just can’t use them anymore.

I can’t see your account as this is a user to user forum. Have you raised a support ticket with Topaz Labs?

I’m running into this crop problem too and it’s difficult to replicate consistently (Win10, PhotoShop CS6). For me, this cropping is happening occasionally with DeNoiseAI & SharpenAI. These products are typically used with 100% zoom so the crop isn’t noticed until we return to the main editing program.

What I’ve noticed is when cropping occurs, the small navigator window in the upper right corner will show the crop. The crop consistently chops off the right side and bottom side of the image, the image aspect ratio remains the same. Sometimes fooling with the zoom ratio will uncrop the image and fix things.

My current workaround is to pay attention to the navigator window. When DeNoiseAI or SharpenAI crops the image, I fool around with the zoom ratio. If that doesn’t work, then I cancel everything and start all over again.

When I find a way to repeat the problem, I’ll create a support ticket.

I’m still having the same issue. It seems to occur when using a combination of AI Clear, Basic Adjustment and AI Sharpen and or AI Denoise while in Studio 2. It doesn’t always happen but when it does I need to start all over after accepting and bring the photo back into Corel Paint Shop Pro 2021. I keep my software updated. This is the one bug I keep getting and it’s getting a little frustrating.

I’ve been with these AI products & Studio 2 ever since they first came out. I’ve also kept them all updated. I looked carefully through my install folders (eg, C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Studio 2). There were files that were dated Oct 7, 2019. There were also some folders dated Dec 17, 2019 - probably the day I first installed the software.

I went ahead and bit the bullet and:

  • downloaded the current full offline installers,
  • uninstalled DenoiseAI, SharpenAI, Studio 2,
  • deleted the install folders,
  • did a Windows registry clean-up (I used CCleaner)
  • reinstalled DeNoiseAI, SharpenAI, & Studio 2.

Those old 2019 files and folders are gone. A brief look shows the oldest file is now dated Jan 23, 2020.

I’m pretty familiar with how my Photoshop CS6 filter shortcuts work, so I also went through and cleaned up those folders and shortcuts. When needed, I manually created shortcuts.

It’s been a couple of days now, and this seems to have cleared up a lot of weird, little problems I’ve been having - including the image cropping. However, I’m still crossing my fingers they don’t come back.

The image cropping problem came back. It seems to happen when I open Studio 2 as a plugin from inside Photoshop CS6. Then, I tell Studio 2 to start DeNoiseAI. When DeNoiseAI opens, the little navigator screen shows a cropped image. If I pay attention to the navigator screen in DeNoiseAI, I can see the crop, cancel DeNoiseAI, and try again.

The other weird, little problems I had are still gone.

Just for the record, although it does work properly for many users none of the AI apps officially support being used as a plug-in to a plug-in. Topaz said some time ago that they were going to take steps to block it because of the issues it can cause.