Topaz studio as Lr plugin,problems

dear guys,i’m testing topaz studio as a lightroom plugin to work also with denoise and detail,both excellent products.
but i have a problem…
this is my workflow:
-first operatons in Lr and i open as plugin Topaz Studio,i work on that the TIF
-go to Topaz Denoise and return to Studio
-go to Topaz Detail and return to studio and i finish to work the TIF
two big problems…
1-i dont find the way to return to Lr for the final edit …i need to return with the worked TIF to LR
2-i loose largest part my exif datas…Fstop ,shutter speed,iso always lost on final product
what i’m doing wrong??
thank you in advance for your collaboraton and sorry for my bad english

If the save (bottom right) does not work you can try: 1: move the opacity slider back and forth; 2: Save As and reload into LR.

Nothing you can do about losing exif information. Topaz are aware of the problem and presumably will try to fix it in a future release.

thank you very much!!
moving the opacity slider the “save bottom right” re appear and i can return to Lr …
and the main exif data survive!!!
very very good,
thanks again

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