Topaz Studio - Add notes to Presets

I think adding a free addition to studio adjustments called “Notes” that would allow the user to add typed notes to any adjustment preset they create, would be very helpful. Trying to remember things like “add the original image to the image layer” or “adjust X layer first” is difficult. Notes would allow anyone using the preset to know additional information.

I have moved this to Feature Requests.

Have you tried to see how much can be fitted into the Description field?

I find the description field useless (when saving a preset) as I never see it again. I need notes that show up in the preset stack as a layer that doesn’t collapse. I’m sure this would be very helpful to others as well. I also think the checkbox list when saving is somewhat outdated.

Better yet - I’d like to a feature to have at least the Preset name added to the metadata on the file it creates. THAT would be of immense help.

A useful idea but not the same as I was proposing, Both would be good. The notes are for how to use the preset.