Topaz Studio 2 won't allow me to do anything

When I open Topaz Studio 2, either as a stand alone or from Photoshop, I can’t do anything. If I click on File, edit, Community, etc or try to use Filters or looks, I can’t. Nothing happens when I click on them.,

I have uninstalled it, reinstalled it, and still the same thing. It had been working for a while, and then it stopped. Any suggestions. Thanks.

What type of computer/OS (including gen) are you using?

What do you mean you “can’t do anything”? Can you be more specific… Can you not open Studio 2 at all? Can’t you open images? Can you do both those things but not get Filters or Looks to apply? Pls describe so folks can try to assist you.

Did you install Studio 2 with Ps closed?

Sorry, I am using Windows 10, 64-bit. I can open Studio 2, if I go and click on File, Edit, etc, along the top of the program, nothing opens up, the drop down menus don’t show. It I have a photo open, then click on Filters or Looks, I can click and click and no menus open up for me. It’s like the program is frozen, and about all I can do is close it down. Anywhere else I click in it, it’s non-responsive. In other words, everything that should open for me is non-responsive.

I did install it with PS closed, so I don’t think that is the problem.

Hmmm. You may need to open a trouble tkt and include the descriptive info you’ve added above. Unless other Win 10 users see this, had same issues and found a fix.

thanks, I just double checked and made sure PS was closed, installed TS2, and if I try and open any tool: File, Edit, view Tools Filters, Community Help, along the top, nothing opens in the drop box. If I click on Filters or Looks, the same thing. I can’t open any of the menus. I upgraded my graphics card and also checked on my OpenGl, it’s a version that is ok for TS2. I will send in a ticket. Thank you for helping

Good luck! It is definitely working for many ppl with Win 10 systems, so there may be some fluke that requires special attn. They’ll likely figure it out fast. They’re gd at diagnosis & fixes.

Make sure your PC meets the following system requirements, if it does raise a support request at the Topaz Labs main website.

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