Topaz Studio 2 vs Photo AI

I didn’t follow product development during the last years, but is Photo AI replacing Topaz Studio2?

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They are totally different products and Studio 2 is no longer supported. Development on what Topaz called their “creative” apps has been discontinued.

I too am very disappointed that Topaz is discontinuing support/further development of Studio (which is what initially attracted me to TL from OnOne [have always used Adobe’s LR and PS also]. Whereas I am very impressed with the results in noise reduction and (to a slightly less degree) sharpening in their AI programs (and right now am being blown away by how the faces improve in Photo AI on some old pre-digital photos I’ve scanned in), I still have nothing else to use to get that ‘creative’ look such as in Impression, Glow, and Texture. I especially liked using combinations of those, when we could exchange ‘recipes’ with other users. I still have TS1 and TS2 and still use them with my archived ‘recipes,’ fortunately.
BUT: What other programs are out there that someone could use (with no natural artistic talent) to produce similar results, from photographs? Thanks to any suggestions!