Topaz Studio 2 version 2.0.4 is now available

Topaz Studio 2 version 2.0.4 update is now available. Here’s the change log:

  • Add Filter Panel now remembers last viewed state (Filters, Favorites, Recent)
  • Add Look Panel now remembers last viewed state (category, sort, thumbnail size)
  • Fixed a UI bug where “Effects” in the Add Filter Panel should be called “Filters”
  • TS1 Custom and Favorite Effects can now be converted to TS2 My Looks (can be ran more than once, overwrites any look in My Looks with the same name)

Users of version 2.0.3 should get notified at launch or by the menu option of the update. If you are on 2.0.3 and you don’t get notified, please let me know.

Downloads can be found here, just in case you don’t get notified:


I did not get notified about the update and had to use the link to uninstall the 2.03 and reinstall it as 2.04. Have not tried the new options. The system here is a Win 10 system.

Did not recognize update on launch for this Win 10 laptop, but found it when I checked for updates via Help. Lookin’ great Russell!

Thanks all. I overhauled the updater notification system and wanted to make sure at least one of the options worked. The auto notification only checks ever so often. The menu should always be accurate, or at least that is the goal.

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The auto notification worked correctly for me on a Win 10 desktop and installed smoothly.

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Like Scott O, my Win 10 system notified me of the update as soon as I opened Studio 2 2.0.3.

Having Filer and Look Panels open to the last viewed state is very welcomed as is the change in handling TS1 files.

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Thanks for the feedback all!

Auto update worked on my Mac


Win 10 Update notifier worked on start up. Update was quick.

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I was notified at the start up

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