Topaz Studio 2 - Saving own Presets in Adjustment Filters

In Studio 1 you could save modifications of your Adjustment Filter for later use as a Preset. This was a big timesaver. In Studio 2 there is only the work around with SAVE LOOK. The drawback is:
There can be only the Adjustment Filter layer
You have to copy or move your saved look from C:\Users"Your name"\AppData\Local\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio 2\Looks
C:\Users"Your name"\AppData\Local\Topaz Labs\Topaz Studio 2\Filters
f.e. you created in GLOW a new effect and saved it as MyGlow#1. In the Looks directory
you copy or move MyGlow#1.tpr to the subdirectory NGlow of Filters
To use the new preset you have to restart Topaz Studio.

This Workflow is inconvenient and insufficient. TopazLabs should implement a SAVE PRESET Button as they did in Studio 1

I read this is schedule in an upcoming release :slight_smile:


Linda, tell me where did you read that? In the official TopazRoad Map I can’t see anything what my problem is solving!!!

Here is what I found to to my subject: Filter Level “Presets” BUT WITHOUT SAVING YOUR OWN PRESETS

Don Moderator
Updated Studio 2 Roadmap after yesterday’s update

Priority Items:

Copying Masks :heavy_check_mark:
Plugin Support
Filter Level “Presets”
Image Navigator
Activate Reduce Noise Filter :heavy_check_mark:
Search By Name in Looks :heavy_check_mark:

Coming Soon:

Enhanced Masking Experience

A Little Bit Later:

Image (pixel) Layers for Compositing
Improved Wacom Tablet Masking Support
UI updates to Filter Panels
Installer Updates

Not sure what’s been posted here, but the ones posted on Facebook might be more up to date. It’s definitely on the roadmap now - and on the Priority part.

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I have no idea, sorry. I read so many things in so many places. @AiDon Are you able to confirm if Saving Custom Presets is on the roadmap? Thanks

Down the line this means: Facebook informs before Topazlabs.
Wow - think, I am better going crazy…

Sure am, read this thread …

Read the two comments just before the last one - in this forum:

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