Topaz Studio 2 Roadmap

Totally agree. It’s slated to get into the Basic Adjustments panel.


I was referring to the adjustment in TS1. I realize that adjustments in exposure will affect brightness, however a separate adjustment went beyond that could be done in exposure.

Thanks Russell, I didn’t see your response when I replied.

First, I’m sorry for my poor English because I’m a French Canadian, Quebecker. My first language is French.
I want to thank the people who work for Topaz Labs. I could have free Studio version 2. I find this version excellent in terms of intuition to carry out my workflow! The biggest improvement for me after speed gain is the size of the image that the software allows. Finally, I am able to work almost in full size. This facilitates my work in post-production. Thanks again and have a good trip with all your new projects. Pierre Alarie


Love Topaz for masking but since layering for compositing is “A little later” I’ll be using Topaz FX Labs for awhile yet.

Cezanne is there in TS2. I have just seen it!

You are right! There’s only one of the nine Cezanne Adjustments in TS1. Oddly enough, though, you can only find it in TS2 by viewing ALL Looks. It doesn’t show under Artistic. Weird.

Is there any way to organize the Looks into the categories manually?


It looks as though the Brightness/Contrast filter is there but not appearing in the list of filters that can be added. If you add the Basic Correction look it includes the Brightness Contrast filter.

If you then delete the other filters from this Look and save the modified Look as, say, Brightness Contrast then that becomes a work round until the filter itself gets added to the list of available filters.

(Tested on a Mac)


This is just a little thing, but could you add a 'save as ’ button to give another option to
‘accept’. I don’t want to overwrite my original photo, but save it as a different version.

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It’s odd that they’ve lost track of an important Filter hidden within a Look. If we could just find Posterize and Reduce Noise in a Look we’d have all the Basic and Purchased Pro Adjustments from Studio 1 available as Filters in Studio 2, but alas my search didn’t turn either of them up.

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I sure hope the S2 Heal feature will be content aware cloning. We do not need another clumsy tool such as in Lightroom.

Recents is on purpose, its ordered by recent activity. Favorites though, we have a fix for.


What host are you using? I know in light room you can enter the external editor with a copy.

I use Capture One Pro and open Studio 2 from there either in RAW or Tiff format. My photo editor is Affinity. I shoot with Sony AR7iii. Thanks for your help

How many of you utilize Posterize?

I just tried the TS 2 to check this out. I think it uses the Accept button to return the image to the host program. If you use TS 2 as a standalone process there is a file> save as option…

That is correct @Buckstop75! Depending on the host editor, especially if in an “external editor” mode the original can be overwritten.

Wow, thanks Buckstop75 and Russel. You are right. I can use it as a stand alone and I am good to go. That was an easy fix.

I probably looked at it two or three times right at the beginning, just to see what it did. Haven’t touched it since.

Thx Russell!

Any chance they can add a small prt (so to speak) sub head that says, “Most Recent First”?

Not life critical, but might be nice if not huge hassle.