Topaz Studio 2 Roadmap

Here’s a quick rundown on what’s coming up for Topaz Studio 2:

Priority Items:

  • Preset to Look Conversion :checkered_flag:
  • Crop :checkered_flag:
  • Straighten :checkered_flag:
  • Histogram :checkered_flag:
  • Copying Masks :checkered_flag:
  • Plugin Support
  • Filter Presets :checkered_flag:
  • Custom Filter Presets - Add/Delete Import :checkered_flag:
  • Image Navigator :checkered_flag:
  • Search By Name in Looks Panel :checkered_flag:
  • Named textures :checkered_flag:
  • Texture management :checkered_flag:

Coming Soon:

  • Enhanced Masking Experience

A Little Bit Later:

  • Heal
  • Image (pixel) Layers for Compositing
  • Improved Wacom Tablet Masking Support
  • UI updates to Filter Panels
  • Installer Updates

What happen to other Tools?
Clone Tool
Eraser Tool
Printing Tool.

Fixed the crop tool that you can go from Landscape to Portrait and back. Support the “.” when adding as custom preset.

I ask for them in version 1 and was told that they would fix and add those things and never happen. So this will happen again… in Version 2…

I just posted a topic in feature requests regarding copy/pasting masks, didn’t see the roadmap post …
Are there plans to include presets for individual filters as starting point for custom filter settings (like in Studio 1)?

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I’ve been working with the new Studio 2 and just added a signature (text) to my image. However, I can’t find a way of saving the text in order to be able to paste it in the future. Please advise.

We need Preferences so we can decide if we do or do not want a histogram showing. Don’t hard code it so everyone has to have it open.

We need frequency separation so that different tools/adjustments can be made to work only on a tone layer, a color layer, or the typical combined tone and color layer. This is very important for portrait work, landscapes, architecture…etc.

We need S2 first to be a plugin with round trips to LR, Ps, C1P and others use the plugin APIs from Adobe and Phase One. After that, we need S2 to be able to do a round trip to other apps.

On Basic Adjustment we need to be able to hold down the Option key and move the Black or White sliders and get a visual indication of clipping.

On Basic Adjustment we need to be to select or provide a camera profile (ICC or DCP) that is used by the raw converter before any filters/adjustments are added.

We need a LUT manager that will let us save combos of presets and Looks as a LUT, import LUTs into the library, and select and apply LUTs with opacity.

I have W10 and my Lr CC doesn’t see new TS2 and plug-ins from the left top row.

Sorry to say that, but i was going to buy Studio 2, but when I started the trial, i just saw that you removed the batch processing…
A lot of users are waiting for batch processing in the AI suite (only Gigapixel AI has it) and you know it…
Anyway, the old Topaz Studio business model was a bad idea, you made a great decision to make it all in one paid entry.
I hope batch processing will be back soon.
Best regards


I’m fairly pleased with TS2 - I would like to see more of the filters/looks from TS1 brought over - I was particularly fond of the Cezanne effects.

One thing that would also be a huge benefit would be the ability to load a brush for the Impression filter.

Nice product. Thanks!

Kermit Woodall

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Will you be adding the brightness/ contrast adjustment?


Just realized that the “Favorites” & “Recentlists don’t alphabetize like the Filters list.

Would be helpful if they were alphabetized, for ease of scanning/finding an item in those lists.

Unless “Recent” is intended to = Most Recently Used - in which case it would be good to have a label telling users the listing is in descending order based on recency of use with the most recently used filters, etc. appearing at the top of the list.

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Studio-2 - Please read.

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Awesome - those are exactly what is needed!! Thanks

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what about the import of presets from Studio 1?

That would be the first item on the list - Preset to Look conversion.

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I think histograms are very useful. Here are a few ideas I think would improve the Topaz histograms.

  • reduce the brightness of the colors in the histograms, easier to read and easier on the eyes
  • add vertical sections lines to mark the 25%, 50%, 75% and ends of the histogram
  • add flags to warn of blocked shadows and blown highlights; ideally the flags in the histogram would turn on and pixels in the image would be colored, and if this were done, you should be able to turn those on and off
  • add pixel values below the histogram as the mouse moves over the image, offer choice of RGB or LAB values (see the image for example)
    For example, this is a histogram from LR:

The first two are just cosmetic, while the 3rd is active and I assume much more involved to implement. In LR, you turn off the feature by clicking on the little squares. The triangles in the squares light up as adjustments cause shadow blocking or blown highlights. They also change color based on whether it’s just a single channel that’s blown or more than one is blown.

Edited post to add 4th item. Being able to read pixel values is very helpful. LAB values are especially helpful for honing neutral setting (white balance) and for setting shadow levels for printing.

Best regards

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Is it possible to blend 2 images in Studio 2? For example, can I take a sky from one photo and add it to another? Or can I add a texture to a second photo from another photo? I know that you tried to keep the screen as clean as possible, but this would be essential to this or any advanced program! From my perspective, I like the changes in this program, but there are additions that need to be addressed

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Brightness is in “Basic adjustments”. That’s where you can adjust Brightness by exposure and other settings.
Contrast is in “Precision Contrast”

So you don’t need them together. That’s my opinion…

So far I prefer Studio 1 version but the workflow is different. Studio 2 tries to mimic photo editors in the layers. There is no image layer which I often used. I also notice on all the Topaz products that the font for labeling presets/looks/save as, is difficult to read. It should be changed or larger.


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Well, not really true. I checked again when I saw there were user requests for Brightness & Contrast sliders.

Yes, there is Precision Contrast (and it’s a pretty nice tool!) - so that one element is addressed individually as a discrete tool.

But, Brightness is not equivalent to Exposure. They are two different things (just like Vibrance is not equivalent to Saturation). At least in the way they work in Photoshop. Exposure lightens an image overall in a global way - it generally seems to focus primarily on the highlights in an image. It mimics (in a digitally faked way) you adjusting your exposure settings in camera). Brightness doesn’t work that same way (or, shouldn’t if designed right in software). It works more on an image’s midtones and does less touching of the highlights. aka, it preserves the highlights better. If you have a slightly blown sky image it would be much better to work with the Brightness than the Exposure.

Also, even though there is a Precision Contrast filter in Studio 2, the trouble is that there is no side x side Brightness & Contrast sliders (which would be a good thing to have - along with Exposure - in the Basic Adjustment). B/c once you start moving sliders for either Brightness or Contrast, the other will (should) be affected too and may have to be tweaked somewhat again.

Bottom Line: It would be very useful/practical to have a Brightness and a Contrast slider added to a Basic Adjustments filter for the reasons noted above. Per the original requester’s note.


I think he was referring to the brightness contrast adjustment from studio 1, wich was very useful and is sorely missing in studio 2.On this topic, posterize adjustment is missing as well.