Topaz studio 2 and 1: many textures are not suitable

Topaz studio 2 and 1:
textures with a simple smooth gradient (group light leaks) are not suitable for professional use!

Because they are unusable, I wanted to improve them,
it means:

  • jpg textures open in photoshop
  • change to 16 bit mode
  • enlarge to a minimum of 7000px width
  • remove frames if they are
  • blur until banding and other irregularities disappear
  • add noise of around 0.5% (gaussian, not monochrome)
  • save as 8-bit jpg in the highest quality

That’s what I did at topaz studio 1,
but in topaz studio 2 I can’t find the texture files directory - where is it?

One workaround is to save your improved texture and import then into TS 2