Topaz Studio 2,2 update breaks AI Clear

Got prompted that there was an update available for Studio, so quit then created a system snapshot. Glad I did.

Ran the update and it quit part way through and said that I needed to download the full installer from a link in the error dialog… Went ahead and downloaded and did the install.

All seemed fine, loaded one of my looks, which had an AI Clear layer and looked like there was a very big improvement in speed, until I discovered that AI Clear was doing nothing except make the image brighter. None of the adjustments within the AI Clear panel did anything at all!!! No wonder the processing was so fast, since AI Clear was doing nothing!

Rebooted into recovery and restored the snapshot I made of the system and am now back at 2.1.1 where everything was working!

Anyone else having issues with 2.2? I am starting to get very disappointed in the folks at Topaz. They had rock solid plugin products and then decided to go the “Studio” route and ever since it’s been an adventure, and not always good one.


I don’t have an issue with AI clear in 2.2. I don’t have/use ‘looks’.

Opening raw files is hideous looking. Almost like the data is still linear with no gamma applied.

They have a new installer and it wanted to uninstall the previous before updating/installing the current. I “updated” via a download of the Studio online installer. The new installer wanted to install everything to new default directory “Topaz Labs LLC”, versus what they have always used, “Topaz Labs”. I changed that back. I don’t want my various Topaz installs scattered around the disk.

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I’m having similar problems Ellwood. the update to Topaz Studio 2 behaved for me as you describe. Now, it is virtually useless.


Please raise a support request at the main Topaz Labs website.

RAW files can be opened but here is a quote from Support:

“We’re aware that our RAW support is a little on the spotty side. We’re working on getting this fixed, but it will take some time to implement. In the meanwhile, we recommend converting your RAWs to TIFs, those tend to open without a problem!”

Following your unnecessary comments, which have been removed, please read these guidelines for using this site which is a forum for user to user support:

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I opened file(s) previously opened in Studio 2. I was describing something new with 2.2. EOL

It was actually new with 2.1. Topaz are aware of it and are looking into it.

It was mentioned in another post that this update’s purpose was to revamp/replace the installer/updater but seems to have broken unrelated things.

It would be nice if the update dialog box would explicitly show the version number so when you revert to the previous version and the update dialog starts popping up again you could tell if it is still the old broken 2.2.0 or a fixed 2.2.X or 2.X.X. (submitted this as a feature request).

The reason I asked you to raise a support request is that you are the only person reporting this problem with AI Clear. I suspect, because you were not clear about your OS, that it is an issue with either the new Mac OS or Windows 7.

I also have some presets that look to use AI Clear because of the Auto mode and there are NO issues.

So, please raise a support request and don’t forget to include all the information asked for.

AI Clear is working normally in TS 2.2.0 here as well (Win 10, 1803)


Topaz support sent me a new installer and when I reinstalled using the new installer it fixed the problems I’ve had. I initiate Studio 2 from Lightroom submenu Photo>Edit in>Edit in Studio 2. Thanks for the new install Topaz.