Topaz Studio 2.0.4 duplicated presets

Just had a play with the latest 2.0.4 update to TS, and noticed that when I scroll through the Add Look presets (on the right hand side of the screen) that there are two ‘Stained Glass’ presets.
Both the same name, and both look the same.
Just a duplication that Topaz didn’t notice?
Or, are they not the same, but somehow have the same name?

That would not have been intended. We’ll look into it. Do they appear different to you?

They are exactly the same Russell one in Dreamy & the other in Bold. They are actually called Stain Glass.

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Yes, both look the same.
Just checked again, and they are in the ‘Add Look’ presets.
I click on Add Look, scroll down, and there they are. Both of them, same name, same filter.
Thanks for the quick reply. Nice to know you folks are ever vigilant!
Oh, and yes…‘Stain Glass’ is the correct name of that preset.

I can’t see them. Am in lovely, “balmy” Philadelphia.

But the correct term for colored glass in a window is “Stained Glass”. Not stain glass.

One might be an artisan who can stain glass. What that artisan produces (combining the glass with dividers) is stained glass.

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Fotomaker is right. That preset should be named ‘Stained Glass’.
The current name of ‘Stain Glass’ does not make sense.
Can you Topaz folks fix that when you remove the duplicate filter please?

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