Topaz Studio 2.0.11 Upgrade

MacOS Mojave - I had to install twice in order to upgrade from 10 to 11. Not a big deal but thought you might want to know.

WIndows 10 - Unable to launch DeNoise AI - every time I attempt it launches Sharpen AI. Adjust AI and Sharpen AI both launch normally.

I had no issues with 2.0.11 upgrade went as expected on my Windows 10. Checked out the AI plugins and DeNoise AI is launching as Sharpen AI

When I upgraded, 2.0.11 crashed whenever i click on look, it does fine when i click filter

Mac 10.13.6

Does selecting Denoise AI not take you to Sharpen AI instead?

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Works well as standalone on Mac 10.14.6 (latest supplemental upgrade), I can use the two AI plugins that I have (Adjust and Denoise) and bug that caused image to become blurry just by adding Precision Detail filter seems to have been fixed.

However, it doesn’t seem to be working properly as an external editor as it did in 2.0.10 - using both Lightroom “Edit in” and On1 “Send to” Studio 2 loads but without the image that was to be transferred. I did a test downgrade to 2.0.10 and that still works as does Studio 1.

Just about to bug report this.

Yes for me on Win 10.


Yes me too.


Yes, on Win 7 using Studio 2 as a plugin to Ps CC 2019 when I select the DeNoise AI plugin from the Filters Menu within Studio it opens Sharpen AI. The other two plugins seem to open the correct plugin when clicked on…

Also, when in Ps CC 2019 & going to Filters > Topaz Labs (the plugins list - not the Studio list) and clicking on DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI opens rather than DeNoise.

I’ve got the same issue with Denoise AI opening as Sharpen AI. In addtion now when I try to use Denoise AI in Photoshop it opens Sharpen AI. Lightroom opens Denoise AI properly. I’ve also got the same problem as email26 in that when I try to do an “edit in” from Lightroom to TS2 it goes to the “Open an Image” screen and not the image from Lightroom.

Windows 10

Me too!

Add my name to those who also get Sharpen AI when Denoise AI is selected.

I think the message already got across, but me too (on Win10).

This seems like it could have been quickly resolved with a hot fix before the weekend. I suppose their staff had simply gone out on Holiday before they realized they had messed up the plug-in naming format in the new code.