Topaz Studio 2.0.11 Freezing

Is anyone else having problems with Topaz Studio 2.0.11? My old Mac gave up the ghost so I bought an Asus laptop (monetary considerations) with Windows 10 and downloaded the software to it. The Asus meets or exceeds all the minimum requirements for Studio. DeNoise AI which I use as a stand alone works flawlessly, but Studio keeps crashing. I have contacted support and completed all five steps suggested (three times), but it made no difference. I use AI Clear, Precision Detail and Precision Contrast with no problems, but after that it is a crap shoot. About half the time the procedure freezes.

One further question. Is it still possible to download Topaz Studion 2.0.10?

You will need to ask Support, it isn’t on this forum. When you say you meet the requirements, go to Help menu and select Graphics info then press the Copy button and post the info here.

I have already been there. They weren’t any help/

Please go to the Help menu, select Graphics info and press Copy then paste the info here.