Topaz Studio 1 Desktop Icon "Nuked"

With the download/install of Studio 2.0.1 my Studio 1 desktop icon was destroyed (Win 7 PC).

It no longer shows the topaz (gemstone). Just looks like some folded edged paper with PPT graphics options on it… See attached snip @russelltarpley .


You do know that you can go to the start menu and find the program listed then drag it onto the desktop. It should create a new shortcut. You can also open the existing icon > Properties > change Icon. Of course if the program was uninstalled, this won’t work but installing Studio 2 doesn’t uninstall Studio 1.


But, installing a new program shouldn’t affect an older program. Desktop icon or otherwise. And, it happened as the Studio 2 install completed and the Studio 2 shield was removed then replaced (during the uninstall/re-install process).

Especially since my Studio 1 isn’t showing up as a plugin in the Ps Filters Menu. That tells me they are independent programs.

I install from installers b/c I like to keep a file of them vs updating from w/in the programs. Have always done it that way. Plan to continue. Never had issue w/alteration of icons b4.

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I’ve noticed some of my Topaz icons appearing like that from time to time. They usually sort themselves out, sometimes after a reboot.


Thx Paul. Fingers crossed. As long as the program works I’m probably okay. But it’s unsightly (not a good thing to an “artiste”) and a separate program shouldn’t impact it (IMO). At least I’m not alone (always a good thing). Take care!

Tried the Restart. It didn’t help. Looked in the Programs list on my Win 7 PC - the only shortcut that now gets created for Studio 1 is the same sheet of white paper with the turned down corner and a PPT-style layout choice icon overlaid on top of it.

@Fotomaker Try selecting the bad icon, then right click and select Properties on the menu. Go to the Change Icon button and find the TopazStudio.exe and click on it. The Icon is stored in this file and should now appear . Select it and click apply. Make sure that the icon file in in the directory. I can attach it here but I will see if I can attache it to an email message for you.

I agree that installing TS2 should not have affected this icon.


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The same I did when I uninstalled the program. So that means I’m not the only one who has problems like this …

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That worked! Thx!

I still strongly believe that programs should not interfere with other programs.

Including, installing versions of TS software and then all of a sudden, coincidentally, at that exact moment of install my Adobe CC software starts consistently (every time from that moment on…) logging me out of CC so I have to re-enter a PWD and sometimes my acct email every single time (right after Adobe spent 2 hrs online ‘driving’ my computer fixing it and getting it fine till that TS software was installed…whereupon CC immediately ‘broke’ and started logging me out again - it tells me there are errant pieces of code in TS that are triggering issues w/other s/w on my PC). In addition to the TS 1 icon issue.

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