Topaz Sharpen not updating Preview after 3.1.1 update

I just loaded the new 3.3.1 update for Sharpen on my Macbook Pro mid-2015 running under the latest Big Sur. The Preview pane is no longer updating. It appears to start the updating process, but the progress bar goes most of the way, turns red, and says “Not Updated”. I started with auto-preview on and switched to manual, but the behavior did not change.


Same here. Uninstalled and re-installed; same behavior.
No answer, no solution offered by Topaz Labs…
Very unhappy and anxious in regard to the other Topaz softwares !

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I have the same problem, but only in comparsion view. Side by side view or split view shows the updated preview.

A similar issue just happened to me, but on Windows 10. When I use my GPU, the preview isn’t updated. No errors, preview updated seems to finish fine, but the image is still blurry. It gets updated when I switch to iGPU.

iGPU: Intel HD Graphics 620

Did you ever get Sharpen AI 3.3.1 preview update to work?

I think I just fixed mine (same problem but on Windows)
Go to preferences, Model Manager Preferences and change ‘Download performance optimized models’ to Never
I’m not sure what that does. Just makes it a little slower perhaps, but I’m back to work again and my images are sharpening again :slight_smile:

I meant to type version 3.1.1 in my initial post, but mis-typed as 3.3.1. Ironically, I’ve now loaded the latest version which is really 3.3.1 and all appears to be working as expected. Thank you

Just bought stand alone 3.32 Topaz sharpen - I must be missing something. My images are not a bit sharper, I could sharpen for free in a free program. Feeling ripped off. Hope not.

A new wrinkle in the situation on Dec. 1, 2021. I just invoked Sharpen (version 3.3.1 that I installed on Nov. 26, 2021) and am being told that I cannot use this version without watermarks as my license expired on Nov. 27, 2021. Seems to me that since I upgraded during my license period, I should not have to pay until my next version upgrade.