Topaz sharpen not opening

Topaz sharpen will not open in Lightroom. It just makes a copy. I have deinstalled and reinstalled and it worked for one photo and has now stoped working again. It just makes a copy. Can you please help?

Have a look at the external preset and make sure it points to Sharpen in the right place. Note that the copy is created by LR.

Thank you so much for your reply. Could you tell me how I find the external preset to make sure it points to Sharpen please? I have been into Edit>Preferences, Show Lightroom presets, then Settings and it shows it is stored in Camera Raw. I am not sure I am looking in the correct place.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Margaret keane

I believe, if it hasn’t changed since LR 6, you will be able to find the External Editor presets in the AppData folder: (assuming Windows)

  • Type this in file explorer and press enter: %AppData%\Adobe\Lightroom\External Editor Presets
  • Then select the TopazSharpenAI.lrtemplate and right-click and select Open With, then choose Notepad

It should look like this where the ExternalEditorFullPath points to where Sharpen AI is installed on your PC:

Note that when you pass the image to Sharpen AI from Lightroom you cannot choose “Edit Original” if it is a RAW image:

If you are using a Mac the file locations are listed here: