Topaz Sharpen AI

I was using this as a plugin in Lightroom with no problem. Then I used it as standalone while following Joel Wolfson’s webinar on YouTube. Now “Sharpen” has disappeared from my LR plugin list. What happened and where is it?

Seems unusual, have you recently updated Sharpen AI since you were using it as a Lightroom plugin and went back to after using as a standalone?

You can also check in the LR folder where the External Editor presets are kept in the AppData location to see if there is a preset for Topaz Sharpen AI there.

Q.1 Nope, no updates since using as standalone
Q.2 The External editor presets folder is in the Lightroom settings folder which is in the Lightroom folder. The External editor presets folder is empty.

Are you on Windows or IOS?


Working now—not sure what I did to get there but I think it may just have been a restart after choosing SharpenAI in “Preferences-external editing”. Thanks for the help>

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