Topaz Sharpen AI v4.0.1 Stuck Downloading Models

Everytime I move an image, Sharpen AI wants to download another model, and the app has no switch to turn off this function as in previous versions. The last version didn’t have that problem so I reinstalled v4.0 and uninstalled the latest version. But now that was also stuck downloading models constantly. I even deleted the settings preferences file for the app. It reset my preferences but didn’t fix the constant download problem. I tried again re-installing v4.0.1 but it’s still not working. Since my internet is super slow, the app has now become unusable. There must be some other file somewhere on my fully spec’d out M1 Max that needs reinstalling or deleting or something but I’m out of things to try. AND Topaz Labs has not responded to my problem in days. No sure what to do. Anyone have any suggestions?

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I’ve been stuck with the same problem. Fortunately, I still had my Sharpen AI version 3.0 installer in my download folder. I had no choice other than rolling back. I’m using an iMacPro OS 11.6 Radeon Pro Vega56 8Gb.
I hope there could be a solution for this very annoying situation.

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MacOSMontrerey 12.2.1, Download of Models fail, very frustrating.

Don’t understand the rationale behind this auto downloading of a model. If I wanted such, I’d do it. Being on a limited data plan makes these type of downloads problematic. What’s the solution? Can anyone from Topaz answer this and other questions here posed back in February? All that’s required is adding a step to preferences switching off the auto download.

If the models are a necessary part of the app, then it should be included. Makes no sense that to make this app useable requires so many downloads. It should be just one file like any other photo app. Seems unnecessarily complicated.

I am also experiencing “model download” issues. It goes through a download, but does not actually seem to apply whatever it’s downloading. I’ve tried downloading all (1.03GB worth of downloads) as well as individually, after clicking each variation. Furthermore, the software is currently not functional without these downloads.