Topaz Sharpen AI Mac Ventura 13.2.1 iMac M1 keeps crashing at launch

Just bought three weeks ago Topaz DeNoise AI (3.7.2) and Sharpen AI (4.1.0). I use both as stand-alones, then process the resulting images in Affinity Photo. DeNoise works fine but Sharpen has always been flaky, crashing once in a while but now I can’t even launch it. The splashscreen happens, then the app shuts down. I deleted the pref files for Sharpen but still crashes at launch. Any update on the way? As of now, the app is unfortunately unusable. TIA.

You need to raise a support ticket at the main site. I use that combo OS without issue…

Thank you for your reply. I looked but can’t find where? I looked at Support but it’s only FAQs. Could you show me where I can contact them, please. I would send in the Crash Report from Console.

Just goto and click that funny little blue button to the bottom right side of the screen then click Ask… you should get this popup window

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 4.26.39 PM

I’ll give this a try! Thank you so much!

Firstly try deleting the plist file for Sharpen AI.

Update: Thanks. I have deleted both plist files earlier, and it kept crashing upon launch as before. I finally got hold of Support as fred suggested and they got back to me. Had to reinstall the app because for now there are no other methods to troubleshoot the app. Crossing fingers, it seems to be working fine for now.

Thank you both very much. Have a great evening!