Topaz Sharpen AI Crashes my Pc when it's in process of sharpening the Model?

What is causing my Pc to crash while its processing the Model ?
Computer Specs
Windows 10 PRO 22H2 latest Update
My PC is i5 Intel Gigabyte Mother Board
32GB Ram
750W 80Plus PWS
NVidia GTX980 4GB GPU
2 TB HD with 800GB Space free

Raise a support request at the main website please.

Hi Don thank for the reply but where do I go for that, sorry I’m not able to see the location you mentioned ,can you please send me the link if possible. thank you.
I did send a request to the webpage

Go to the support section on the main website, where your account is, and you will see a blue conversation icon (actually on all pages) on the bottom right hand side, click that and follow the instructions.

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I did follow what you mentioned, hope I will get some results on this issue
Thank you

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I am getting the same thing but my whole system shuts down and I have to reboot. I brought it to Canada Computers and they found nothing wrong and it didn’t do it with them (they say). I am an amature photographer and I use to love this program. Now it is causing me nothing but trouble. I load my picture and then a few seconds later it sounds like there is a big drain on my system and then a shut down. Believe me-my system should be able to handle it.

One of the discussions said to uninstall and reboot then reinstall. Let me tell you: it DID NOT work. I have so many pictures that need sharpening and it’s frustrating. All the other products work well. As soon as I load a picture for sharpening, I hear the fan start to get stronger and computer shuts down. I may have to abandon this one and find another product.

HI Pierre not sure if you have tried upgrading your power supply, must be over 650watt and up, and GPU video card with at least 4gb, also Ram 32GB ,this is what i had to do to get it to work correctly,just a suggestion and hope this helps.

I found the problem, I had not removed it from Photoshop. Thanks everyone.

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