Topaz Sharpen AI Crashes my Pc when it's in process of sharpening the Model?

What is causing my Pc to crash while its processing the Model ?
Computer Specs
Windows 10 PRO 22H2 latest Update
My PC is i5 Intel Gigabyte Mother Board
32GB Ram
750W 80Plus PWS
NVidia GTX980 4GB GPU
2 TB HD with 800GB Space free

Raise a support request at the main website please.

Hi Don thank for the reply but where do I go for that, sorry I’m not able to see the location you mentioned ,can you please send me the link if possible. thank you.
I did send a request to the webpage

Go to the support section on the main website, where your account is, and you will see a blue conversation icon (actually on all pages) on the bottom right hand side, click that and follow the instructions.

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I did follow what you mentioned, hope I will get some results on this issue
Thank you

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