Topaz Sharpen AI batch-processing problem

Hi, I am having issues with Sharpen AI’s batch-processing function; I often have 300+ image files that I need to sharpen at any given time, and every time I used Sharpen AI to batch-process them, some files would be skipped. Some times, it was 2 files, other times, it was 10-20 files, seems like Sharpen AI would skip files randomly, and no one knew what criteria it followed to skip files. Do you know if a fix is on the way?

actually that was their ‘fix’ for it duplicating files, so now when it knows it duplicated it just deletes the duplicate…leaving the missing file still missing.

Is this for Topaz Sharpen AI or Topaz Photo AI?

We fixed this issue in Topaz Photo AI. Please update to the latest version and it should no longer happen.

If this is happening in Sharpen AI, then I unfortunately do not have a solution there. If you are interested I can add a short license for Topaz Photo AI so you can use that instead, which would fix this issue.

Hi Lingyu, this is happening to Sharpen AI. And yes, please let me try Photo AI, thanks.

Please visit your account downloads page here to download and install it:

Hi Lingyu, I think it’s a pity that Topaz doesn’t plan to fix the file-skipping issue in Sharpen AI, which has a much faster processing engine than the Photo AI and a more intuitive UI. A lot of my friends are happier with Sharpen AI than Photo AI. I think Topaz should reconsider rolling out fixes for Sharpen AI in the future.