Topaz ReStyle in CC2019

This plugin has worked faultlessly for years. Today it worked 3 times, and now fails to apply the preset (Bright Yellow Tulips) and hangs Photoshop, leaving a dialog box saying you are using a Topazlabs plugin. I use Task Manager to close Photoshop. ReStyle is V1.1.0, Win 10.

Jack I just tried re-creating a scenario similar to what you described and it is working fine on my Win10 with PSCC2019. If you restart the computer and try again does the same thing happen?

It works for three or four applications and then starts to hang. I close CC and restart, again works 3 or 4 times and hangs… :slight_smile:

This has happened to me with various plugins- sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling helped, but with Restyle V1.1.0 nothing but troubles. Topaz support couldn’t help, they were already devoting all of their resources to Studio & AI stuff and have let these older plugin problems flounder. All they said was to update my graphics driver (which has helped nothing)- Rolled back to v.1.0.0 and not any trouble.