Topaz re Mask 5 fail

I purchased Re mask years ago and still have not been able to get it to mask anything. I have watched the tutorial many times, but no luck getting it to work. Today I thought I would give it a shot again on what I considered an easy job, six hours later I am not further ahead. Needless to say, I am somewhat ticked as I feel there is no way a program should be this difficult to use each time I attempt to refine the edge of something the edge gets worse. And today for the first time, I wanted the background to be transparent, each time it, the program, decided to make it white! :frowning:

It takes time. There is no program that is perfect for removing background. You have to spend some time to do the job.
Most of the youtube show easy backgrounds but if you have complicated one you have to spend time.

Been there done that, still can’t this software to work for me, as I said, wasted 6 hours today trying to get a simple mask to work. Their example video IMHO is not possible the way they show it, zip, zap done!

Post s picture that you have problem with… I just wonder how hard it is. joe.Bejm Joseph
November 19

Post s picture that you have problem with… I just wonder how hard it is.

This is the best I have been able to do, this would have worked if the background has remained transparent when I brought it into Photoshop

That looks fine and the background will be transparent when you return to PS, just make sure you turn off any other layers and it will look like this, top is in ReMask 5 and bottom is returned to CS6 and other layers visibility off. If you don’t want a Mask, right-click on the Mask icon and select Apply Layer Mask

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Thanks, you convinced me to keep trying, I think I have what I wanted, found out one has to save the final image as a .png

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Flowers are easy, hair and whiskers not so easy playing with the program and searching the internets revealed that the background problem was related to how the finished file is saved needs to be .png


You don’t have to save it as a .png unless you are trying to create a library of masked items.

Otherwise, you can treat the mask as one layer in your composite. Look at Don’s photoshop image above and you can see he has a masked image above 2 other layers. As he said, he has those lower layers turned off, otherwise you would see the masked image above a different background image.
If you are incorporating your masked image with other layers then feel free to save it in any format you wish.

That was right you have to save in PNG format and be sure that you check mark to save mask. For some reason is not default which it should be.

Took awhile, but I finally came to that conclusion as well, but not after considerable *#@!!.

Like I said saving in PNG and check Save Mask, it should be default because that’s what the Program is for.

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If you are using it in Photoshop why would you not use ReMask as a filter and return the computed mask to Photoshop? It seems as though it is a round-about workflow if you are using the result in PS.

There is no need to mask an image and save to PNG as TIF will also save an Alpha channel by selecting ‘Save mask as transparency’ as you need to do for PNG.

That might just be me as I am not a PS wizard it was the only way I could figure out how to bring in the masked image into another image as each time I attempted to do that, I was unable to get a transparent background. I have great difficulty with masks and layers. Just a learning curve I am sure, on line tutorials have not worked for me!

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