Topaz RAW processing and dynamic range

I’ve noticed a fairly disappointing issue while trying the trials for both Studio 2 and Denoise AI. For some reason, the dynamic range of my photos seems to drastically reduce while inside Studio 2 and after exporting from Denoise AI. Here are some examples:

Original raw:

Adobe Camera Raw highlights -100:

Studio 2 highlight -1.00:

Denoise AI (AI Clear mode) exported DNG, in Adobe Camera Raw highlights -100:

Fixable colour inconsistencies aside, I think it’s fair to say that the highlight detail is significantly compromised when the Topaz products are involved. This is really unfortunate, since I love the downright magical noise reduction created with Denoise AI.

I’ve tried exporting to .tiff, .png, etc. before using Denoise, however the noise reduction results are far superior for me when using it as the first step. It’s also much simpler to fully process images that have been denoised.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something incorrectly?

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This is the case for which I adore Topaz Labs support and its community. 11 days have passed since the post and nobody cares about this problem.

Somehow it did not even occur to me to look at this problem from such a side. This is a great post, thank you pgreviews Scott.

I see a similar issue when I try to repeat a file processing in the Topaz AI softwares at multiple times. It seems that Topaz Labs so far has only AI that depletes data and, as a result, reduces the dynamic range. They are not able to increase infinitely the amount of detail and restore texture. With each processing, my uncompressed TIFF files only decrease in size, but should increase.

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