Topaz precision and detail in studio

I typically finish my landscape edits using these filters at mostly (low) settings. I like the sculpted pop I get, but find that most times when viewed closely my images seem blurry/mushy after I apply the effect. (Some images are better than others)

Any thoughts from those who use these tools… I’m trying to find out if there is something wrong on my side.

Another thing, my previews in Topaz Studio when making adjustments are not sharp at 100% and have heard of others having the same issues. Has there been any resolve to this issue? I edit on a 4k BenQ.

I can handle the sharpness of the preview by pressing HD Preview.

I have tried this, yet no change in quality occurs when I click on HD Preview.

So it’s a resolution problem.

It works

It does not work

At Topaz, it is better to always work with a higher resolution. Or, there may be a resolution problem with the graphics card.