Topaz Plugins - Preset Name and the Last Used Effect

I think my question is different from that of Karsten above.

In general, when I open an image in a Topaz plug-in it will come up with the “last used effect”, i.e. the effect that was used on the image which was edited prior to the current one.
How do I find out what the name of the pre-set in the “last used setting” was?

(BTW, my question is primarily on B&W Effects 2, although I presume it would be the same for most Topaz products).

That wont show as it isn’t recorded on exit from the plugin. Essentially you would need to be able to identify the preset but if there were modifications to that preset then it wouldn’t reflect the actual effect applied. That is why the last used effect is retained as it contains all the parameters applied.

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I like how Studio applies the last preset/adjustment set when opening a new image, it allows for a ‘family’ of similar images to be created without having to reinvent the wheel.

What I do not like is hiw Studio reapplies the same set whenever the Apply function is used for an image in progress, doubling up the adjustments that have already been used and have to be deleted manually one by one.

There needs to be a choice in preferences to eliminate this behaviour. Or maybe there is one and I just haven’t found it yet.

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