Topaz plugins and Lightroom CC won't run

When any of the current Tppaz plugins are installed on a Dell desktop computer running Windows 10, they install in Lightroom CC as expected.
However when you select Photo-Topaz XXX it creates a new file copy and quits. The Topaz plugin never actually runs. Repeated initializations of any Topaz plugins only create more copies of the selected photo.
Does anyone have a similar problem?

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My problem also. I can’t get Lightroom to install the presets.

never experienced that - you need to contact the Adobe helpdesk

I had exactly the same problem - none of my Topaz stuff would run from Lightroom. The copy would be created and then nothing happened. I suspect that, in my case at least, it was because I don’t install my Topaz software on my C: drive as it’s a very small SSD. However, someone gave me this link (it’s for Denoise but it works for all of them, including Studio) which worked a treat:

For Topaz Plugins they will either install as individual External Editor Presets or the older ones need Fusion Express which can be downloaded from Topaz Labs Web Site.

Make sure you have the latest versions installed from the Topaz Labs Web Site … do not download from your account page.

I’ve never had a problem with any of the Topaz products not working in Lightroom so can’t really help you there. However I can solve the creating more copies problem.

When you first invoke any plugin from Lightroom you get the popup screen asking do you want to Edit A Copy With Lightroom Adjustments and in most cases it makes sense to choose this option as this preserves your original file.

In my case it creates a TIFF file as a copy and sends it to the plugin I have selected to use. That TIFF file is added to the catalogue right next to your original file

If you don’t want to create multiple copies of the original file just select the TIFF file and then choose Edit Original. Any changes you make are done to the TIFF and not your original file

Of course there may be other ways of doing it but that’s what I use

I have found no solution to make any of the Topaz plugins run in Lightroom CC.
Too bad.


What Plugins are you talking about? Please list them.

And, instead of saying Topaz XXX, what is the actual external editor preset you are using?

Also make sure you are not trying to edit PSD files as they are NOT supported. Use TIFF instead.

Glow 2
Impression 2
Star effects
Texture effects 2
Simplify 4
Adjust 5
ReMask 5
DeNoise 6

There’s a fix for Star Effects on the Accessing Topaz Labs in Lightroom article, at the very top. There are also instructions for adding the rest of those items you listed, in the same article. Don’t skip any steps, and you’ll have them setup in no time.

Topaz Studio acts the same. Run from Lightroom CC and all you get is another copy of your file.

The current status is that Topaz plugins or Studio won’t run in Lightroom CC under Windows 10 Build 16241 170708-1800

Then you need to recreate the External Editor Presets. Delete each preset listed for Topaz, then recreate using the guidance in the LR setup guide:

I just tested all 17 plugins, as well as Studio, and they all launch correctly. The only reason they should fail on your end, is if the preset is incorrect.

The problem you have is you are running a BETA version of Windows 10 … the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16241 was released on July 13 … my advice to you is to install a supported version, the latest of which is 15063.483

You really cannot expect support for Beta versions, you will need to either recreate external editor presets or reinstall.

@JoeFedric-TL this person is using the latest beta insider preview.