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Hello, I am new to the forum. I have some Topaz Plug-ins that I bought to use a while ago with Apple’s Aperture. Since Aperture is no longer supported, I have moved on to Capture One Pro 10. I am planing on getting PhotoFXlab, but wanted to be sure of a something before I do. How would I be able to use the plug-ins with Capture One Pro 10? I am thinking my workflow would be to do basic editing in COP10, then export as a TIFF to bring it into PhotoFX, then back to COP10. Would this be a good workflow or is there something else?

Thank you for your response.


I would recommend that you use Topaz Studio and use the “Edit with” option… read all about it here:

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Hi Don,

I’ve been on Topaz Studio site and was looking at it originally, but I thought it might be the same as COP10. Is it like COP10, but without the DAM? Can I use COP10 with Studio? Also, what is the difference between PhotoFX and the new Topaz Studio? I’ve been looking at both now and can’t seem to find a difference. Is PhotoFX lab just meant for the plugins and Studio meant for more Pro editing as well as being able to use the plugins? Will my plug-ins that I bought 3 years ago work with Studio?


Certainly, via “Edit with” although don’t use PSD files.

You will need to download and install Studio to see the difference, Studio is free and has 10 free adjustments for you to use.

As long as you install the latest versions of the plugins they will work with Studio, Studio is also a RAW processor with Lens Correction etc., etc.

Hello Karen:

I read this thread and AiDon’s replies. If it’s any help, Topaz Studio appears to me to be the replacement for FXLab. As AiDon said, up-to-date older plugins work in studio. Topaz Studio is faster and the “New” plugins, such as Topaz Clarity is actually three adjustments that make up the older Clarity plugin, just separated. By doing this, many presets can be developed by Topaz, such as Topaz Clarity, or you make your own mix.

I would suggest going the Topaz Studio course because I suspect FXLab will not likely be updated.

Hope this helped clear this up a bit for you. Download them and try them out for free.

Thank you for your reply. It does clears things up for me. I will give Studio a try.