Topaz Photo interface

I don’t know who is testing the interface, but it seems to be getting more and more cumbersome. I don’t feel like someone is actually using it, rather just changing it. It was so easy when all the controls were under the enhancement, and you could easily toggle them on and off to see what different combinations looked like… now you have to maneuver to the separate control panel, click the dots, go to panel, then select undock from sidebar. Then if you try to place it under the enhancement, it locks right back into place again. Who tested this? Ease of flow is crucial when working a lot large volume of images - having to do this each time is really chugging up the process. Can you make an option where the controls unfurl under the enhancement? Thanks much -
Also, once you sharpen an image, the dust particles become more pronounced, causing a lot of manual clean up afterwards. Suggesting a despeckle option AFTER sharpening that identifies those pronounced now-sharpened spaces and clones them out -

Thanks much!