Topaz Photo AIturning my images pink after processing

Topaz Phto AI is turning my images pink when I send themfrom Lightroom throught the /Fie/Plugin Extras method. This has happened before, but I tried it again today installing the latest version of PAI.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Do minor edits to NEF image in Lightroom
  2. Export to Photo AI for corrections (face recovery and sharpening.
  3. Process and returnto Lightroom.

The new image has a strong, pink hue.

Topaz Photo AI v1.5.3 on Mac, Lightroom 12.5 ACR 15.5

Thanks for reaching out. This is a known issue with Nikon Z8 and Z9 HE* files. Which camera are you using?

It seems to happen if there are edits made to the file. For now, I have two workarounds:

  1. Edit the NEF in Topaz Photo AI before making any edits.
  2. Make edits to the NEF, then use the Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI method to process the file.

We are working on a fix for this.

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Thank you for the respone and info. I use a Z9. I will se the latter method most of the time. I was just truing to get the raw image processed instead of a TIFF.


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Thanks very much for the information! I’m looking forward to the update!

We added a fix for this color shift issue with the Z8 HE* files in v2.0.2. Please update and use the Raw processing, the colors will stay consistent now!