Topaz Photo AI

I have a new Dell Laptop designed for high end graphics work and running Windows 11. I recently purchased the Topaz suite of products, and installed. Everything worked fine. The Photo AI version originally installed was 1.3.5. Since using this, there have been numerous updates - nine in all by my count, and I have installed these. What I am seeing now is that Photo AI has begun crashing regularly whwn attempting to use it. Doesn’t matter if it is one image or a batch of images, it begins processing and the program closes. I finally uninstalled the product completely, and have gone back to v1.3.5 and the program is now stable. Any idea what is going on?


It would help to have the logs to identify what the exact issue during processing was.

If you update again, please send the logs so I can check what is happening. I can look at the logs to figure out the issue and send next steps to fix it.

Please open Topaz Photo AI, go to the menu bar on the top and click the Help > Open Log Folder menu option. Attach the logs to your reply so I can check the contents.

I received a response from Tim He on this and sent him the dxdiag log file. He is saying that version 2 of Photo AI had an issue processing images with faces (!) and that this has been corrected with version 2.01